This workshop explores the bandhas as an indespensible part of yoga posture practice rather than as a stand-alone technique. The energetic integration provided by the bandhas will be invited from the breath through pranayama techniques and structurally through simple yoga postures. The workshop is suited for yoga teachers and experienced practioners.

Friday 17-20: This class will focus on the activation of the hands and arms while  introducing the activation of the feet and legs. The class ends in seated meditation and a question/answer session.

Saturday 8-12: This class begins with an exploration of how mulabandha, uddiyana and jalarabandha bandha can be acessed from the breath. This is followed by a posture practice  introducing the activation of the spine and teaching the activation of the feet and legs.The class ends in seated meditaton and a question/answer session.  (nb: to get the most out of the morning session, begin the practice on an empty stomach. Bring a snack for later if you suspect you will need it)

Saturday 14-16.30: The last class allows the activations of the spine to be supported from the hands, feet, arms and legs, thus using yoga posture practice as a structural invitation to the bandhas. This muscular integration of the different parts of the body reveal their interconnedted nature and invite you to experience the unity (yoga) of the body. The class ends in seated meditation and dialouge.

The workshop is hosted by Ashtanga Yoga Shala Nørre alle 70, 8000 Århus C.


1100 DKR.


email to Jacob Aremark or call to +45 60718030