Yoga is no longer just the privilege of meditating cave men. Modern yogis live engaged lives full of relationships and responsibility. This sometimes leaves us with an apparent dilemma of balancing our time for practice and “doing stuff”. Instead of seeing yoga as the art of balancing two separate things, these two workshops will approach yoga as an invitation to intimacy. Perhaps yoga practice is not something “other” than our daily activities, but rather an invitation to become one with them. Using your body as a doorway, we explore the possibility of becoming intimate with what you can feel. In this way yoga reveals the underlying unity between apparent separations and trade-offs. Feeling the body in dynamic movement, we access internal stillness. Feeling the body in static postures, we find subtle movement and pulse. Perhaps, your practice really is no other than your life.

Saturday 10.00-13.00 Moving into stillness

A soft, dynamic yoga posture practice where flow and activity invites your mind to go quiet. Using repetitive movement (ullola) we become intimate with body and mind. The class ends in a long relaxation and a little dialogue over tea

Sunday 13.00-16.00 The subtle pulse

Using movement as preparation, this class explores holding yoga postures in stilness for a longer period of time. Stillness is here used as an invitation to feel the subtle blissful pulsation of life under your skin. Ends with a guided relaxation and a seated meditation.

Price: 400 DKR per class