Saturday april 26th 10.00-17.30:  SOFTNESS AS THE SPIRITUAL DOORWAY (open to all)

Sunday april 27th 10.00-17.30   THE ART OF DEEP STILLNESS (open to all)

Monday april 28th 8.30-16.00 :TEACHING YOGA POSTURES FROM SOFT CORE (teachers workshop)

Tuesday April 29th 8.30-16.00:TEACHING YOGA AS MORE THAN ESOTERICISED EXERCISE (teachers workshop)


One workshop day 700 DKR

4 workshop days booked together before april  2.400 DKR

All days have a one hour lunch break


Godfri’s pioneering journey into the roots of human experience is grounded in a lifetime of yoga practice on mat and cushion that began when he was 16 years old. Fertilised by professional training in Child Development and Education, Oriental Medicine, and dedicated study with masters of Zen, Advaita and Tantra as well as Indian Yoga Gurus, Godfri’s practice has brought him to a deep, lucid intimacy with the subtleties of being human within which its apparent paradoxes are all heart-warmingly resolved. His teaching will invite you to the same.