Life as a yoga teacher is a welcome to paradox: Our glowing passion for yoga can burn us out, our connection with students can leave us feeling lonely and isolated, our spiritual call to unity takes place within a highly divided and competitive market space and our skills in empowering our students can become a power-trip in itself.

This 50-hour course is for the trained yoga teacher who want to inquire deeper into psychological and social dynamics around their work. We will explore the psychology behind your role as a yoga teacher as well as the power dynamics entailed in taking on this role. Our focus is the teacher/student relationship and how it plays out in your own relationship to the people you teach and train with. A typical day involves:

1) A talk addressing psychological and historical aspects affecting modern yoga communities

2) A group enquiry using the Big Mind process to access the drives, resources and shadows that can support you in becoming more helpful to your students

3) Short yoga posture practices, meditations or group exercises integrating, digesting and operationalizing what we learned during the day.

The training gives you tools to navigate with integrity from your own inner compass rather than receiving an expert guideline for how you should act as a teacher. The training is mainly process-work meaning we will be working with your lived experience with taking on the role of the yoga teacher and discuss the dynamics that you are currently puzzled by or need support to navigate. Our group enquiry will address the following themes:

-The teacher/student relationship as it plays out in your life

-Healthy boundaries at work

-Power, hierarchy and cult-logic: The psychology of shadows in yoga

-Your own shadows and what they can teach you

-Navigating competition and the spiritual marketplace.

-Group dynamics in your teaching.

-Loneliness, working life and creating networks of peer support.


This training is limited to 10 people.

Dates 2018: July 21 at 15.00 to July 28. At 15.00.

Place: Metropolis Yoga is one of Copenhagen’s most beautiful yoga venues, situated at the Copenhagen water front only a 10 minute drive from the central station and 15 minutes from Copenhagen airport. The area is famous for its canals and architecture and has an ocean swimming facility and green areas around the corner. You can bring your own food and eat in the kitchen or the balcony or go out for lunch in one of the local café´s. Accomodation is not provided at the yoga room but there are lots of hotel, airbnd and

Price: 1136EUR, 8.499 DKR. 1297 USD covers the teaching fee, tea and snacks.

Application: Write to with a short statement about:

  • Your yoga teacher training
  • Other relevant education in use in your current work
  • How long you have been teaching
  • A list of the kinds of teaching you offer and for whom
  • Your aspirations and motivation to join his training
  • Any history of psychological or neurological challenges

About Birgitte:

Birgitte have been teaching yoga for 15 years, and have been practicing yoga and meditation for more than two decades. She has an MA in social Psychology from the University of Copenhagen and PhD in management from the Copenhagen Business School. Birgitte is trained as a process consultant using systemic and narrative frameworks and has been training in Big Mind facilitation since 2013 with her Zen teacher Genpo Roshi, currently on the advanced training program. She has taught, assisted and worked as an external examinatior in several yoga teacher training programs and have been teaching workshops for yoga teachers for more than a decade. With extensive teaching experience from universities, yoga studios and retreat centres, she communicates with ease and joy in both English and Danish. Throughout her career as a yoga teacher Birgitte has been at the front line of experimental and sensation-based approaches to yoga posture practice and have paved the way for a generation of Scandinavian yoga teachers who dare to think out of the box.

Booking, terms and conditions:

When you have been accepted to the program you reserve your space by paying a 30% non-refundable deposit. The deposit secures your booking until 3 months prior to the training. The remaining amount is due by May 21. It is not possible to transfer your booking to later events, nor will your payment be refunded if you cancel after may 21st. You are however free to sell your space to another qualified yoga teacher or offer it to someone on waiting list if you make other plans, provided that Birgitte has been consulted about this. Birgitte will of course refund the full amount in the unlikely event of her cancelling the training. There is no exam in this course since our focus lies on self-enquiry and processual work rather than dissemination of knowledge. You will receive a course diploma documenting your full and active participation in all course days.