Dynamic Yoga begins in the body you have today. You will not need to grab your toes or hold your breath to plunge into the deep end of yoga. The course is taught from a structured yoga method which allows you to deepen your practice step by step without pain or injury. Beginners will receive a secure foundation for their practice, advanced students will be invited to access the subtle depths of yoga posture practice as meditation in action. All classes are two hours long and have a maximum of 12 participants. Each class are taught as a meditative flow of postures followed by a deep relaxation. The class is taught in english, but supporting instructions can be given in Danish if neccessary.

Teachers: Birgitte Gorm Hansen and Alice Martucci (on alternate weeks)

Time.: Mondays 17.00-19.00 On the following dates: 12/11, 19/11, 26/11, 3/12, 10/12, 17/12
If you miss a class you can replace up to three times on another class within the course period.

Booking: info@dynamicyoga.dk

Price. 1.080,- (12 hours of teaching)

Address: Mindful House Dronningens Tværgade 6A, 1-2. Sal, 1302 København K