Learn to practice yoga in a way that works for the body you have today.  Its very simple: Quiet softness means yes, sharp pain means no. This subtle inner compass of yoga speaks clearly to us in childhood but as we grow up it is easily drowned in the roaring river of external authorities and imposed ideas of performance. Consequently the body forgets its inborn integrity and becomes tense or hard. Ironically, an efficient and progressive yoga practice requires us feel rather than perform and respond rather than force the body.

Setting out with a sensitizing flow of yoga postures and returning in quiet meditation, Birgitte will guide you to respond effectively to what you can feel. This supports you in adjusting your posture practice from the wisdom of your own body rather than from memorized techniques or geometrical ideals. The course allows you to progress in your practice from week to week. As you gradually go deeper into the subtle heart of sensation you may hear the voice of the teacher within.

Each class is two hours long and with a maximum of 15 students, allowing you the time and space to learn how postures and techniques applies to the changing needs of your body.

The course will be taught in Danish but a few instructions can be given in English if required.

Dates: 25/9, 2/10, 9/10, 16/10, 23/10, 30/10

Cost: 1080,- (12 hours of teaching)

Booking: info@kobenhavnsyoga.dk

questions: +45 26 16 93 09