awakening to your inner wisdom

Your mind is heavy with unexamined ideas, unsubstantiated beliefs, unchallenged prejudices, unquestioned assumptions. Their presence in your unconscious drives the shape and content of your conscious experience. Only when they have been resolved in the light of your own clear seeing can you awaken to genuine freedom, and enjoy the peace of deep, unconditional contentment. This is not a matter of accepting any concept, belief, dogma or doctrine. It is a question of seeing for yourself the way things actually are. This can only be done if you are able to put aside all the veils that obscure the light of your own wisdom.

Taking place as a dialogue between your unconscious and your conscious mind the Radical Enquiry will painstakingly and systematically expose, discredit and dismantle the false ideas, beliefs, prejudices and assumptions by which your wisdom, happiness and freedom are habitually obscured. As they fall away they take with them the roots and possibility of shame, guilt, resentment, contempt, pride, regret, manipulation, hostility, animosity, exploitation, blame, anxiety and despair. All you need do is hear clearly and acknowledge fully with your own mind the truth that lies in your own heart. Within the clear and simple framework of the Radical Enquiry this is very easy to do.

The Radical Enquiry takes place in gradual, progressive stages each one bringing you closer to the peace of a radical and permanent freedom. It is conducted by Godfridev who has been helping seekers to discover the light of their inner wisdom for over 30 years. From the light of his deep wisdom he will serve as a mirror in which you will be able to find the depth and power of your own wisdom, freedom and happiness.

The day wil be divided into three parts with a break in between each session. Bring your own meditation chair or pillow.

Registrations: first come first serve. Mail to eva@borrit.dk to book your space