Strengthening the deep spinal muscles is a key to going deeper in yoga posture practice for beginners and advanced students alike. A strong spine allows you to practice safely and efficiently and protects the vulnerability of the lower back. Also, when the spine is activated you can let go of unnecessary “holding on” or tension in the core of the body and soften into even more challenging postures. Releasing tension in the core of the body is also one of the ways in which yoga posture practice can bring about a deep nourishment. This class will explore the possibilities of activating the spine in a slow, deep flow of spinal extensions and rotations. The practice invites the body to breathe freely, the internal organs to be nourished and the mind to take a well deserved rest. The beginning of the class will explore  the possibility of release through action in a dynamic flow of  chandra namaskar (moon salutation) and a couple of standing rotations. The class ends by letting go into soft, nourishing flow of seated and supine rotations.  After a long guided relaxation we land in seated meditation and a little dialogue, clarifying the impacts and effects of softening the core.

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