Take your classes to the next level with one of Europe’s top teachers. Godfrey Devereux has taught since 1977, published 4 yoga books and trained hundreds of international yoga teachers. These two training days focus on the art of giving progresive step-by step instructions to take students deeper. Mornings Godfrey will give a long class which  puts the art of progressive instruction into practice. Afternoons the methodology behind the class is made explicit by breaking it down into individual steps. By going back and forth between teaching and stopping to explain the rationale behind specific instructions and their sequencing you will get a sense of how to use vinyasa krama in your own teaching.

November 15th: How to safely take students deeper towards more challenging postures

November 16th: How to take students deeper into internalization and self-inquiry within yoga posture practice.

Price. 1500 DKR

Booking: First come first serve,  info@dynamicyoga.dk

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