Recently there has been much debate among yoga teachers on whether yoga posture practice causes injury. The short answer is no. Yoga, if approached as a practice of self-enquiry and not self-improvement is a journey into sensitivity and can neither wreck your body, nor that of your students. Teaching based on anatomical knowledge and fixed principles of alignment is a good start, but for your students to practice safely they have to act on their internal sensation rather than your external authority. Leading a sensation-based yoga class is not only a safe approach to teaching, it is also an efficient method by which your students can become fully present in their practice.

Day one : Sensation-based posture practice: Letting your body guide your actions on the mat.

Day two: Teaching sensation-based posture practice: Guiding your students by internal sensations rather than geometry, knowledge or principle.

Each day begins with a long master class taught by Godfrey. The class will then be broken down to show the methodology behind the practice and give you inspiration to use the method in your own teaching.

Time: June 21. and 22. from 8.00-16.30

Price: 1500 DKR