The bandhas are often taught as techniques to “lock” or harness the energy of the body. But when practiced sensitively they have a much deeper power to integrate and “unlock” your being in the body and invite you to experience the inherent unity of yoga. This is by no means mystical, esoteric or difficult. Activating the bandhas is a natural response of the body when doing yoga postures (asana) with integrity. Practicing asana as bandha is an invitation cross the threshold from experiencing yoga postures as just being physical “shapes” to accessing the subtle energetic resonance within them all. This workshop will explore the bandhas as an organic and natural event in your body rather than a separate “technique”. You will be guided towards physical and energetic integration in four sessions. We will mainly be engaged in flowing yoga posture practice but the workshop also offers a bit of group work and pranayama practice.

Friday 19.00-21.30: Softening

Soak into softness with a gentle floor practice of spinal extensions, gentle backbends and twists. The class teaches you to access the deep spinal muscles and invite release into the core of your body. This yummy evening practice is highly recommended as a preparation for the weekend workshop “asana as bandha” and suitable for everyone.

Price: 350 SEK    book here>>>

Saturday-Sunday 9.30-16.30: Asana as bandha

9:30 to 12:30: Dynamic yoga class, relaxation and seated meditation

13:30 to 16:30: Afternoon clarification and a soft yoga class

Price: 1600 kr     book here>>>

Sunday 17.00-18.30: Bandhas for yoga teachers

There will be an extra class for yogateachers clarifying the teaching methodology behind the workshop. Which instructions are key to activating the bandhas within a posture flow? How to sequence a class focusing on the bandhas? Why are the bandhas important and what are their implications for the yoga posture practice? What are the common misunderstandings about the bandhas? The afternoon class will take place in dialouge and little explorations on your yoga mat.

Price for teachers: Friday+Saturday+Sunday+ special session 1740 kr or Saturday+Sunday+ special session 1360 kr 

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