December is the time of sharing and giving, but for many of us it is also the busiest month of the year. To be fully open and present to those we love requires that we remember to nourish ourselves and care for the body. This slow-flowing backbend-class is dedicated to open your heart and replenish your resources. A meditative three-hour flow will take you through a progressive series of backbends, closing with a deep release of the spine. Birgitte will teach you how to support the vulnerable joints in the lower back and neck in active backbends, so you can safely take yourself deeper. As the class progress, supported alternatives will be given to those who have reached the limit of their capacity. The flow lands softly in a guided relaxation and awakens you to seated meditation.

Time: 11.30-14.30

Place: Studio Frid, Köpenhamnsvägen 46

Price: 400 swedish kroner