Yoga posture practice is more than stretching, alinging and creating geometrical shapes with the body. Every yoga posture has a spiral dynamic which breathes life into it and protects vulnerable joints like knees, elbows and the lower back. By activating the spiral dynamic, you get a teaste of how each part of the body is connected to an indivisible whole, suporting you in finding stability and delight in any yoga posture. The workshop is in two parts. The morning session will teach you how to activate the spirals dynamic in  a flow of simple, symmetrical postures.  In the afternoon consists of a guided exploration of how the spiral dynamic works in your body, allowing you to integrate the activations of hands, arms feet and legs into your own practice.


Time: Octoer 15th 10.00-16.30

Location: Yogacentralen, Allegade 25, Frederiksberg

Online booking:

Price: 500 kr. (cheaper option: buy a Yogacentralen unch card and use 5 punches)