The bandhas are among the most powerful techniues in yoga. As a consequence, they are often surrounded with hype and mysticism. Really, they are neither difficult or mystical, just simple muscular actions with some rather remarkable effects. Adding to their subtle energetic aspects the bandhas are also an invitation to practice yoga with integrety, without pain or injury. The bandhas, when accessed from muscular acion reveal the indivisible wholeness of the body and is an indespensible part of  a safe, eficient and nourishing yoga practice. This workshop will introduce simple phsyical actions by which you can acess the bandhas by the breath and in yoga posture practice. By learning how to do this sensitivly, you are invited to acces their healing, integrating power.

The workshop is open to all, from beginners to the most advanced. Avoid eating 1,5-2 hours before the beginning of the workshop. In the break a smoothie and a snack will be served.


10.00-12.00 Bandhas from the breath.

12.00-13.00: Break, smothie, snacks

13.00-15.30 Bandha as an integrated part of yoga posture practice.

15.30-16.30 Bandha as release: Deep relaxation, pranayama, siting meditation.

Price: 700 DKR  (94 EUR).

Booking:  By payment only. Email for more information