Bliss “Ānanda” is a word we often hear in relation to yoga. This does not mean that yoga will draw you into a “blissed out” hypnotic trance state. Ānanda is much more than a brief peak of wild ecstasy or a quick pit stop in final relaxation. Ānanda is a ground state, a baseline for being conscious and alive. Its subtle universal quality is always available whether you are sad or happy, in pain or in love, grieving or celebrating. Its not the light at the end of the yoga-tunnel. Bliss is your birth name.

09.30-13.00 Tuning in A long slow-flowing class focused on becoming sensitive to physical sensation. By effortless action and soft movements we flow through standing, inverted and supine postures to deepen your ability to feel more subtle sensations, thereby inviting a quiet, soft feeling of being deeply present in the body.

 14.00-15.00 Exploring After lunch we will have a brief exploration of the techniques used in the morning practice. Little experiments on the mat help you clarify how yoga posture practice can be an  invitation to go deeper without pain or struggle

15.00-16.30 Leting Go  The afternoon class will be taught as a soft floor-flow. You will be guided slowly through a series supine, prone and sitting postures ending in two rounds of seated meditation. This very meditative and soft flow invites you to explore the blissful being state of human embodiment.

Price:  700 swedish kroner