Bliss (“Ānanda”) is a word often used in relation to yoga. But the bliss that yoga has to offer is much more than a brief peak of ecstasy or a temporary pit stop in relaxation. Ānanda, by contrast, is a baseline for being conscious and alive. You don’t need flexibility, strength or yogic superpowers to access the subtle experience of being bliss. All you need is to deeply feel your body – just as it is. These four classes invite you to take the plunge into the quiet world of sensation to uncover the subtle heart of yoga within the body you have today. Especially suited for beginners AND extremely advanced yogis/meditators.

The four classes can be booked individually or as a progressive series going from the obvious to the subtle aspects of yoga posture practice.

Friday 7.00-9.30 pm: Softening
Soak into softness with a gentle floor practice of spinal extensions, rotations and twists. The class teaches you to access the deep spinal muscles and invite release into the core of your body.

Saturday 2-5 pm: Feeling
Sensitivity is the ultimate compass of a nourishing yoga posture practice. Feeling your way through moon salutations, standing postures and seated backbends takes you step by step into the delight of being deeply present in the body. The focus of the class is to sensitize all of your joints so your body can teach you how to balance activity and release.

Sunday 1.00 – 3.00. Opening
Sun salutations like you´ve never done them before! Often squeezed in as a warm-up or transition between postures the true potential of this classical practice easily gets overlooked. A deep and continuous flow takes you from basic to advanced variations without pain or struggle. The activation of the whole of your body supports the opening quality of backbends and forward bends and invites you to feel the vibrant aliveness of the spine.

Sunday 4.00-6.30: Being
A series of inverted, supine and seated postures allows you to settle into quiet stillness as we hold gentle postures for longer periods of time. The class may include restorative variations using blankets, blocks and bolsters to support you in exploring the subtle heart of sensation. We close the practice with a guided meditation.

The Workshop takes place in Synergy Yoga, Miami’s first and oldest yoga studio.  Booing and prices coming up at the Synergy website