The advantages of doing backbends in yoga are many, especially for us bent-over westerners who tend to get stuck at the desk in a forward bend for many hours a day. This workshop allows you to enjoy a sensitive step-by-step journey into back bending where the opening up in the front of the body goes hand in hand with a loving care for your lower back and other soft spots. “Opening your heart” as it is often said in yoga is not just a matter of pushing into more and more crazy postures. It’s rather about embracing what is actually happening within you right here and now. Birgitte will guide two classes that take different approaches to backbends as a way of feeling and responding lovingly to the whole of your being.

The classes are open to all from beginners to the most advanced and can be booked individually or together as you see fit.


10.00 – 13.00 Loving the lower back.
A long and energizing flow of postures teaching you how to support the lower back as you begin to open the front of your body. This class prepares you for backbends by teaching you how to activate the whole of your body to protect the vulnerability of your joints.

14.00 – 17.00 Opening the heart.
A meditative three-hour flow will take you through a progressive series of backbends, closing with a deep release of the spine. As the class progress, supported alternatives will be given to those who have reached the limit of their capacity.

Price: 450 swedish kroner for one class. 800 for both classes