This intensive immersion will focus on the nourishing power of yoga posture practice, upon which all its other possible benefits depend. You will learn a complete practice series designed to invite deep nourishment to body and mind, and some potent pranayama practices for deep release and rejuvenation. The Vinyasasuptasya Practice Series includes inversions, supine and prone poses, backbends, extensions and rotations. You will learn how to access the inherent integrity of the body by way of the Dynamics of Integrity, so that your practice will always be as nourishing as it can be invigorating and transformative.

Totally committed to allowing the wisdom of life to guide her through the intelligence of the body Olivia has a manner and teaching style based on the depths and subtleties of her personal practice. Inspiring and supportive, she is able to invite practitioners of all experience to go deeper into their own nature safely and effectively, while bringing new, liberating insights from the mat into daily life. She began formal Yoga teacher training in Sydney, Australia by completing 1000hrs in 2001. Since 2004 she has been studying the Dynamic Yoga Training Method closely with its originator Godfri Devereux, and has completed 10,000 hrs in a Teachers Apprenticeship with him. She is one of only two certified Senior Trainers of the Method.

Brigitte’s teaching is powered by the wisdom of the living, feeling, breathing body. This helps her students tap directly into the subtle heart of yoga from their own experience, rather than from belief, knowledge or figures of authority. Her teaching takes place as step-by-step journey into meditation in action – accessed through simple movements, soft release and deep self-enquiry. Birgitte did her first yoga class in 1994 and has spent thousands of hours on the mat and with students since she started teaching in 2001. She is trained as a psychologist (PhD). Her unflinching commitment to teach within the Dynamic Yoga Training Method started early and has gradually substituted the quest for knowledge with the love of teaching yoga. Today she is one of the three senior teachers in the Dynamic Yoga Training Method. She teaches classes and workshops around Europe, assists Olivia in immersion modules and works as a guest teacher in a couple of danish teacher training programs.