These 4 immersions are open to anyone wanting to deepen their yoga practice. Each immersion can be booked individually or the 4 modules can be booked as a whole. The immersions are highly recommendable for trained and trainee teachers who want to deepen their understanding. Taken together, the four immersions make up the first half of the 200-hour Dynamic yoga teacher training. In practice though,  you will receive close to 300 hours of contact hours in training. This is more than the 100 hours that is usually offered in 200 hour trainings. To become certified in this 200hour training you will need to complete all four immersions, plus a 3 week residential ‘Teaching Skills’ intensive with Godfrey Devereux and Olivia Crooks. This is held each September in France at Windfire Yoga. Any trained teacher with a 200 hour certificate from another school of yoga, can add these hours to this 200hour training to make 500hours.

For registration, please write Heidi Lykholt at:

The four modules are:


Learn about the nourishing power of yoga posture practice, upon which all its other possible benefits depend. You will learn a complete practice series designed to invite deep nourishment to body and mind, and some potent pranayama practices for deep release and rejuvenation. The Vinyasasuptasya Practice Series includes inversions, supine and prone poses, backbends, extensions and rotations. You will learn how to access the inherent integrity of the body by way of the Dynamics of Integrity, so that your practice will always be as nourishing as it can be invigorating and transformative.


PART TWO: AWAKENING THE BODY (d. 25-28. okt 2013)

This immersion invites you to awaken the latent intelligence of the body. You will learn a complete practice series designed to awaken all the muscles of the body. The Vinyasxandrasya Practice Series systematically sensitizes and awakens the whole body while awakening the mind to the power and wisdom of somatic intelligence. You will learn how to access the inherent intelligence of the body by way of the Seven Universal Actions of yoga posture practice, so that your practice can deepen safely and effectively.

This immersion intensive will explore the integrating power of the spiral dynamic of integrity. This allows the Seven Universal Actions of yoga posture practice to be integrated throughout the whole body via the relationship between the ribcage and the pelvis into the release of the breath. The spiral dynamics of the arms, feet and legs will be explored by way of the interconnected nature of the relationships between the body parts in a variety of standing postures, lunges, backbends and suryanamaskar.
PART FOUR: STRENGTHENING THE BODY (Feb.28 – march 3rd  2014)

The final immersion will explore the flexibility and power of the human spine, as the core of yoga posture practice. Extensions, rotations, forward bends and backbends will be presented and explored in sequences that can access, release, strengthen and integrate the spine into the whole body as the source of its power and the medium of its intelligence. The short sequences (meruvinyasa, dandavinyasa, vritavinyasa, and xakravinyasa), which can be combined, can be used to develop genuine core strength while also strengthening and integrating the muscles of the pelvic floor, abdomen, back, spine and ribcage and developing a healthy spinal flexibility.

About Dynamic Yoga Teacher Training

This teacher training is based on practice as yoga is a practice and not an academic subject. Contrary to a university degree, yoga cannot be learned by reading and listening. Teaching yoga is a craft in which the body is the most important vehicle. To be a good teacher you need to efficiently transmit your own experience on the mat on the basis of what you can feel and realize on your own without having to parrot a teacher or a book. This is why the first half of the teacher training is focused on your own practice and your ability to feel and adapt based on the shifting capacity of your body as it goes deeper. You will receive a thorough introduction to asana, pranayama and meditation.

Each module comes with its own set of teaching materials. You will receive text, sound and image files to deepen your practice at home between modules. The four immersions form the first half of the internationally certified 200-hour Dynamic yoga Teacher Training. The training is concluded with a three week teaching skills intensive at Windfire School of Yoga running in France every year ion September. The first four immersions are taught by Dynamic Yoga Trainer Olivia Crooks and the afternoon explorations are guided by Dynamic Yoga Senior Teacher Birgitte Gorm Hansen. Det teaching skills intensive in France is taught by Godfrey Devereux og Olivia Crooks.  Godfrey Devereux has taught yoga since the 1980´ies and has trained hundreds of yoga teachers all over the world. He published 7 books on yoga and philosophy and is one of the most respected teachers in Europe.


8am-4pm with a 1 hour lunch break.

Each day will include a long yoga practice with pranayama and meditation and a presentation of the postures and techniques used in the morning practice. The afternoon consists of a guided exploration of the techniques and if time another short yoga class at the end of the day.



Totally committed to allowing the wisdom of life to guide her through the intelligence of the body Olivia has a manner and teaching style based on the depths and subtleties of her personal practice. Inspiring and supportive, she is able to invite practitioners of all experience to go deeper into their own nature safely and effectively, while bringing new, liberating insights from the mat into daily life. She began formal Yoga teacher training in Sydney, Australia by completing 1000hrs in 2001. Since 2004 she has been studying the Dynamic Yoga Training Method closely with its originator Godfri Devereux, and has completed 10,000 hrs in a Teachers Apprenticeship with him. She is one of only two certified Senior Trainers of the Method.

BIRGITTE GORM HANSEN is one of the few senior teachers in Dynamic yoga. Originally trained as a psychologist (Ph.D) she has practiced since 1996 and has taught yoga since 2001. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, she teaches workshops in Scandinavia and around Europe. Her instruction is joyful and clear and she teaches with the deepest respect for the student’s internal experience. Birgitte has studied and worked with Godfrey Devereux through all of her 11 years of teaching experience and has assisted in Dynamic Yoga Teacher training since 2007.


PART 14 (in Aalborg): 14.900 DKR (includes 128 hpours+ course materials)
This price is for all four immersions booked at once before may 1st. 2013.


Booking is done first-come-first-serve. You can book modules by paying a non-refundable deposit of 40%. The remaining amount is due on the 1st of the month of each immersion module. 

PART 2 TEACHING SKILLS IN FRANCE: 2250 EUR (covering minimum 150 hours of teaching, accomodation plus course materials)
Booking over 3 months in advance gives you an early bird discount of 10%. The amount includes teaching with Godfrey and Olivia as well as food and lodging at windfire yoga retreat center. Transport is not included in the price.


If you have a yoga practice you are welcome to participate in any of the first 4 modules. There are no demands on your strength and flexibility. Only demand is a genuine interest to dive deep into the details of the practice and a beginners mind.

Certification and completion of the 200 hour training:

Participation in teaching skills intensive is open to anyone who has completed the first 4 immersion modules or the windfire depth intensive retreat. If the teachers assess from your practice and understanding that you are ready for part 2 you can begin the teaching skills intensive. To get certification for the 200 hour dynamic yoga teacher training you also need to do a written paper at the end of the teaching skills intensive.

To complete the 200 hour, you thus need to have comleted all hours of both immersions and teacher training. Once you have attended all the hours; to be eligible for 200hr certification in this teacher training you will need to complete a written paper and show to Godfrey (on the teaching skills intensive) that you have embodied and understood the dynamic yoga training method. Windfire school of yoga are certified by the independnt yoga network (IYN) . Any trained teacher with a 200 hour certificate from another school of yoga, can add these hours to this 200hour training to apply for 500hour cetification with IYN and The Yoga Register.

Participation in teaching skills intensive is open to anyone who has completed the first 4 immersion modules or the windfire depth intensive retreat. If the teachers assess from your practice and understanding that you are ready for part 2 you can begin the teaching skills intensive. To get certification for the 200 hour dynamic yoga teacher training you also need to do a written paper at the end of the teaching skills intensive.

 On Godfrey Devereux and the teaching skills intensive in France:

Training in Dynamic Yoga with Godfrey Devereux is a rare and invaluable experience. Not only because Godfrey is one of the world’s most experienced Yoga Teacher Trainers, but also because the breadth and depth of his experience has allowed him to develop the most powerful and complete teaching methodology available: The Dynamic Yoga Training Method. This profound and precise methodology is based directly on the intelligence of the human bodimind and represents a genuine renaissance of yoga posture praxis as a spiritual praxis capable of satisfying the deepest human longing.  Taking place in two parts, Embodiment (the Immersion Modules) and Application (Teaching Skills) our training will provide you with the understanding and tools to teach yoga postures to benefit body, mind and spirit safely and satisfyingly, while allowing you to adapt your new skills to your previous experience to become the teacher you  have always wanted to be.

The  Immersion Modules, led by Senior Trainer Olivia Crooks, take you deep into the intelligence of body, mind and consciousness in a  gradual, progressive process of deep internalisation and integration. You will undertake a systematic exploration of  over 150 postural, breath and awareness techniques practiced, presented and explored in dynamically linked groups that clarify and amplify their functional, structural and energetic relationships. These techniques mobilise and recalibrate the whole bodimind and provide the indispensable, practical basis for the integration of intelligence upon which the deep fruits of yoga depend.

The Teaching Skills Course led by both Godfrey and Olivia provides a deep and thorough training in the art of teaching yoga dynamically. You will learn how to use the mobile nature of the body to prepare your students for the sustained and genuine stillness upon which yoga depends. You will be shown how to progressively recalibrate the neuromuscular habits of your students’ bodies so that they become habituated to acting with integrity, while releasing tension and developing deep structural and functional strength. You will also be shown how to simultaneously use this neuromuscular process to release the mind from distorted and destructive habits within the context of yoga posture praxis. This will take place within a detailed exploration of the art of progressive instruction (Vinyasakrama), which allows your students to transform body and mind safely, gradually and effortlessly.
While being deeply informative, as well as profoundly transformational, our courses are not based on the accumulation of information, but on action and experience. You will be invited to a deep and informative intimacy with the human body, mind and consciousness, by way of your own direct experience.