Asana, pranayama and meditation is often taught as three separate techniques. However, their potential really unfolds when they are experienced simultaniously. If yoga posture practice is approached with full awareness of breathing, pranayama becomes the soft, quiet inner face of asana.  In a similar way a sensitive pranayama practice can open the door to meditation. This spring course is a progressive series of dynamic yoga classes which gradually reveal how inside and outside constitutes an imperfectable whole. This wholeness may reveal itself to you in headstand, in deep relaxation or in front of your mirror.

prior experience with yoga  is a good start.

Time: Fridays 8.30-10.00 on the following dates: 13/1, 20/1, 27/1, 3/2, 10/2, 2/3, 9/3, 16/3, 23/3, 30/3, 13/4, 20/4, 27/4, 11/5, 1/6, 8/6 (NB no class on the 17/2, 24/2, 6/4, 4/5, 18/5 and 25/5)

Place: StudioNia, Suomisvej 2, Frederiksberg (close to vesterprot station)

Registrations: (first come, first serve, the course os 60% booked already).