Friday night 17.00-20.00:

Trust life – get grounded

This mini-workshop allows you to explore grounding as the basis for yoga posture practice. A series of standing postures focusing on the activation of the feet invites you to explore gravity as a foundation for all of life’s impulse to grow, reach and expand. Finding your feet is a powerful and deeply healing practice for advanced student and beginners alike. The class lands in deep relaxation and sitting meditation -inviting you to trust and let go into that, which has been carrying you all along.

Weekend workshop: The spiral dynamic

Yoga posture practice is more than stretching, aligning and creating geometrical shapes with the body. Every yoga posture has a spiral dynamic which breathes life and ease into your practice and protects vulnerable joints like those of the knees, elbows and lower back. By activating the spirals in the hands, arms, feet and legs a deep and nourishing integration of the whole body is invited.

The workshop is open to all practitioners of yoga.

10.00-13.00: Introducing the spirals
The morning session introduce you to the basic actions of spiraling. Birgitte will teach an accessible flow of simple, symmetrical yoga postures that activate the hands and arms, feet and legs into the spiral dynamic. The class ends with a long, deep relaxation and a short seated meditation.

14.00-16.00: Clarifying the spirals
The afternoon session consists of a guided exploration of how the spiral dynamic works in your body. Birgitte will guide you through some simple experiments on your mat exploring the spirals in the hands, arms, feet and legs. The experiments and the dialogue around them will clarify the techniques presented in the morning class so that you can adapt them to your own body and style of practice. The afternoon closes with a 30 minute gentle flow of supine and inverted postures to land you softly and prepare for the next day.

10.00-13.00: Activating the spirals
This vinyasa practice will apply the actions learned on the Saturday to a series of yoga postures allowing you to benefit from the spiral dynamic and the support it gives to the whole of your body. A dynamic flow of postures will help you access the power of the spirals to clarify how the different body parts work as a whole. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of a safe and delightful and integrated yoga posture practice. The class will gradually progress towards asymmetrical standing postures and simple arm balances.

14.00-16.30: Landing softly
The afternoon session will offer a quick exploration of the spiral dynamic in the assymetrical standing postures by way of a short exploration. The workshop ends in a 1,5 hour slow flow of supine and restorative postures, nourishing your body and releasing unnecessary tension.

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