Packing for the annual meditation retreat with my teacher i have to admit:Its not an awe-inspiring accomplishment to leave work and family for 10 days of silent stillness in the beautiful mountains of Tuscany. It’s pure indulgence. Candy for the mind, love for the soul. What is awe-inspiring is my mother and husband who will be babysitting the kids while I am away!

Yoga is so much more than welness, relaxation and having a nice experience. Sure, if your life is full of wellness, enjoy it to the max. No problem! There is nothing particularily spiritual about suffering.

What I’m getting at is that our practice is so much more than sealed off time-zone where we enjoy a moment of peace before going back to work. Yoga is not separate from obligations, choices and relationships. It’s not another object of longing.

When the holidays are over, when everyday life returns, when things get harder we have a chance to practice being with that.  And right there lies the possibility for deepening and realizing, for walking our talk.

The hard part is not going up the mountains carrying a DO NOT DISTURB sign. It’s coming back down and opening the door.

To celebrate this, the next couple of workshops will support you in making yoga and meditation an embodied practice non-separate from action and everyday life. A thing we do to embrace what we are right here, right now. You can see the full program and dates here.

I wish you a happy everyday life!