Yoga Integration Immersion

Godfrey and Olivia are visiting copenhagen to teach a four-day immersion into the integrating power of the overt bandhas: hastabandha, padabandha and merubandha. These three easily accessible bandhas, in the upper body, lower body and spine respectively, establish deep structural and energetic integration. Each one depends opun the refined activation of two or more of the Seven Universal Actions upon which yoga posture practice depends. Together they integrate action and respiration, structure and function, body and mind. These three bandhas will be explored within the context of the Vinyasaxandrasya series, Vinyasasukasya series, and Vinyasaxikits series (incorporating more advanced standing postures).

The immersion includes a set of written materials, image and sound files that can be used in your own practice at home. It is open to any yoga practitioner.

Provisional day program (8.00-17.00):

Morning session (5 hours) Godfrey teaches a guided practice which will include pranayama, asana and meditation. After the class Godfrey will go through the theory behind the practice and present the techniques and postures one by one.

Afternoon session (3 hours) Olivia will guide an exploration of the postures and techniques that was presented in the morning session. This will allow techniques and principles of alignment to be integrated in organically in your body and your practice (rather than requiring you to learn and remember them as abstract knowledge). After the exploration, Olivia will teach a short guided yoga class which introduces the theme for the following day.

Price: 525 EUR for 32 hours of teaching as well as course materials.

Registration: To register for the three immersions or inquire further email Eva Borrit and Birgitte Gorm Hansen at

Godfrey Devereux has been practicing yoga since 1973, teaching since 1977. He is one of the most significant and influential yoga teachers in Europe, having trained hundreds of international yoga teachers, and published four popular yoga books, including “Dynamic Yoga”. For more info on Dynamic Yoga see