This immersion intensive will explore the integrating power of the spiral dynamic of integrity. This allows the Seven Universal Actions of yoga posture practice to be integrated throughout the whole body via the relationship between the ribcage and the pelvis into the release of the breath. The spiral dynamics of the arms, feet and legs will be explored by way of the interconnected nature of the relationships between the body parts in a variety of standing postures, lunges, backbends and suryanamaskar.


8am-4pm with a 1,5 hour lunch break.

Each day will include a long yoga practice with pranayama and meditation and a presentation of the postures and techniques used in the morning practice. The afternoon consists of a guided exploration of the techniques and if time another short yoga class at the end of the day.



Totally committed to allowing the wisdom of life to guide her through the intelligence of the body Olivia has a manner and teaching style based on the depths and subtleties of her personal practice. Inspiring and supportive, she is able to invite practitioners of all experience to go deeper into their own nature safely and effectively, while bringing new, liberating insights from the mat into daily life. She began formal Yoga teacher training in Sydney, Australia by completing 1000hrs in 2001. Since 2004 she has been studying the Dynamic Yoga Training Method closely with its originator Godfri Devereux, and has completed 10,000 hrs in a Teachers Apprenticeship with him. She is one of only two certified Senior Trainers of the Method.

BIRGITTE GORM HANSEN is one of the few senior teachers in Dynamic yoga. Originally trained as a psychologist (Ph.D) she has practiced since 1996 and has taught yoga since 2001. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, she teaches workshops in Scandinavia and around Europe. Her instruction is joyful and clear and she teaches with the deepest respect for the student’s internal experience. Birgitte has studied and worked with Godfrey Devereux through all of her 11 years of teaching experience and has assisted in Dynamic Yoga Teacher training since 2007.

Price: 3.950 DKR Bookings is done first-come-first-serve. You can book modules by paying a non-refundable deposit of 40%. The remaining amount is due on the 1st of  November.


For registration, please write Heidi Lykholt at: