Senior Dynamic Teacher Jo Kemp is back in Copenhagen with three sweet sessions on shoulder inversions. For the exact timetable, prices and more info, Contact

This workshop will take us on a vinyasa krama (step by step progression) of shoulder inversions. Often just squeezed in at the end of a practise, the benefits of inversions can be overlooked. They are a potent means to pacifying and providing complete rest to the cellular structure of the whole body, while simultaneously lending to an experience of internalisation and release.

Friday February 15th. 5 – 8pm.
The first session begins with a specific sequence to sensitize, awaken and prepare the body for going up on the shoulders. Guided using layers of instruction so that the body can develop pathways, assimilate and deepen ones capacity for coming and being on the shoulders with integrity. Whether you are very comfortable on your shoulders or have never been up on them you will benefit from understanding how to sequentially prepare the body, so that when you do come up your experience is a nourishing and pleasurable one.

Saturday February 16th. 9 – 12am
In the second session we gather a little more momentum and move through a complete practise sequence that takes us from preparation and into actually being on the shoulders, journeying into the different shoulder stand variations as they are interweaved into the practice. The shoulder inversions take us deeper into understanding how to use the arms in relation to the shoulders and spine. They develop the wrists and arms and they soften and awaken the spine in easy gentle forward and back bending shapes. The nourishing supportive arena of being upside down leads us towards an experience of effortless integration and we can benefit greatly from the heart been rested over the head.

Saturday February 16th. 1 – 5pm.
The third session begins with a short presentation (where you will be able to see many of the inversions you have been taken through in the morning). Followed by a question and answer time, with plenty of opportunity to gain individual feedback and clarification.
Each session includes posture practice, relaxation, some sitting and a little dialogue.
The first session is beneficial as a stand-alone experience, yet to attend the third session students need to have attended session 1 and 2

Friday 5 – 8pm: 400,- DDK
Saturday 9 – 12am: 400,- DDK
Saturday 1 – 5pm: 450,- DDK
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Jo Kemp

is dedicated to inspire her students towards deep inquiry, discovering the infinite wisdom, unity and love within. She is the founder/director of the Now Be Yoga space in Sitges, Spain, where she teaches classes and courses, weekend retreats and leads residential mentoring programmes for yoga teachers. Jo is registered at 1000hrs with the I.Y.T.R. Having explored and taught many of the varied approaches to yoga Jo now teaches within the frame of the Dynamic Yoga method developed by Godfrey Devereux. Jo began studying yoga while living in India in 1989 after has been teaching since 1998.

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