Jo Kemp is one of the five senior teachers of Dynamic Yoga, in February she will stop by Copenhagen to share it with us. Check out Jo’s website here

Saturday 9.30 a.m – 1.30 p.m: The Spine

The spine is central to our movement and experience. When the spine is carrying unhelpful and habitual postural and movement patterns the experience of our body can be less than pleasurable and we can often find ourselves in pain and discomfort or lacking in mobility.

If yoga posture practice is to release us from the imprints of life held within our structure and musculature, e.g.  high shoes, bags on one shoulder, accumulation of hours on the computer, it needs to be undertaken with a keen sense of listening to the whispers of sensation within the spine. In this workshop we initiate a vital sensitization of the mind to the spine, exploring specific sequencing to bring release to muscles that may overwork, and awaken muscles that may be inactive. Within the arena of yoga posture practice and pranayama we are guided to a deepened level of intimacy  to what’s actually happening in our unique body mind, moving towards balancing, mobilizing and finally strengthening the spine.

The workshop will include, posture practice, pranayama, relaxation and clarifying discussion, exploration and demonstration.

Suitable for all levels of practitioner from those newly exploring yoga to advanced practitioners and teachers.


Sunday 9.30 a.m- 1.30 p.m:   Sadhana – Deepening practice

Subtle yet powerful, with inquiry at the very heart of the practice, this workshop proves valuable and insightful for students, practioners and teachers from all styles and levels of practice.

Using skillful Vinyasa Krama (progressive instruction), intelligent and effective sequencing of Asana, movement and Pranayama, this workshop invites you into feeling and experiencing the deeper, less explored areas of posture practice, taking us via body and breath beyond belief and acquired knowledge  into a steady and continuous flow of simply experiencing the wisdom of the body expressing itself in any given moment. When the intelligence of the mind free from agenda and imposition  meets the body deeply, the apparent split between the two dissolves and Yoga is !!

The workshop will include, posture practice, pranayama, relaxation , sitting and  shared group inquiry…

Price: one workshop day: 500 DKR.  Both days booked together: 800 DKR