This workshop allows you to acess and explore the wholeness, integrity and intelligence of your bodymind. The dynamics og yoga expressing themselves as conciousness can be fruitfully honored on your yoga mat or cushion but may also become more so familiar and available that they express themselves standing in line at the supermarket. Find out how in this saturday workshop.

9.00-12.00 Dynamic Yoga posture practice, relaxation & meditation.

13.00-16.00 Practical, clarifying exploration of posture, movement, breathing & meditation into daily life.

José Luis is visiting Copenhagen for the first time, NOT to be missed!  This is a great opportunity for all levels of practitioners from total beginners to teachers of any style to practice with one of the only two certified Senior Dynamic Yoga Trainers. Jose Luis is the director of Dynamic Yoga Barcelona and runs both the  Ibiza Dynamic Yoga Retreats and the SatCit Publishing House. Jose Luis gives Yoga Personal, Professional & Teacher Training Courses worldwide, especially in Europe and America.


Pris: 650 DKR