Feel the glow of Suryanamaskar (sun salutation) as you return from the summer holidays. This classic sequence of postures strengthens and mobilizes all the major joints and muscle groups while allowing you to feel sensation more clearly. The class will allow you to explore the different variations of suryanamaskar, starting with easy and accessible versions and moving gradually into more challenging ones. Three hours of sensitively guided yoga posture practice lands you in deep relaxation and awakens you gently to seated meditation.

suitable for all

after the workshop you will recieve an image file with the Suryanamaskar-series i to help you if you want to practice at home.

Time: 9.00-11.30

Place: Københavns Yoga, willemoesgade 14, Copenhagen Ø

Price: 300 DKR

Registration: info@kobenhavnsyoga.dk