A day of exploring new, delicious movements in your practice. The practice of yoga is in continuous variation, like water running through the cracks and curves of a landscape. At the fringe of  present reinventions in modern postural yoga we find approaches working with sensation-based movement and open-ended, unstructured flows. This workshop is an embodied enquiry into feeling and following internal movements arising from the wisdom of your own body and exploring yoga postures as natural extensions of the impulse to move towards delight. Birgitte will introduce movements such as wave-like undulations, rhythmic oscillations and slow-motion chaotic fluctuations and help you explore their different impacts in your body and your practice. The workshop begins with a series of movement-experiments, using the open flow technique of “myofascial unwinding” to find, feel and follow natural flows in your body. The second half of the workshop takes place as a collective dive into a continuous movement meditation. The workshop is inspired by old yoga pioneers and informed by new perspectives on human anatomy. It thus stands on the solid shoulders of modern postural yoga while curiously questioning it´s mainstream paradigm of straight lines, static postures and intense stretching.
To ensure quality of the teaching the workshop is limited to 10 people. The workshop is open to all.

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10.30-13.00: Workshop about 3 types of movement: The class will alternate between guided flows, demonstration and practical clarification.

14.00-16.30: Guidet class using 3 types of movement in a continouus open flow movement meditation.

Praksisk: Full program is recommended if you want a deeper understanding of the techniques and their effects in your own practice. If you dont have time for a full day treat, its perfectly fine to do just one class, either morning or afternoon. We have a one-hour lunch break between 13.00 and 14.00. You can buy food in the local cafes or bring your own and eat in the tea kitchen or on the balcony. The yoga room has all equipment and is open 15 minutes before each class. If you want to go for a swim in the newly opened sea swimming facility next door, bring bathing suit and towel.

Pris: All day 495 DKR, single class 295 DKR.

Booking: Write to info@dynamicyoga.dk and book by bank transfer. If you have a Danish bank account you can Mobile Pay to 28892450. Your booking is valid and binding from the day you make the transfer. We give no refund if you cancel but you are free to sell your space to a friend (like you would with a concert ticket).

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