This workshop explores how yoga posture practice can invite a deep release in body and mind. It is taught in two parts. The morning class explores how movement and the natural rhythm of the breath can help you let go of unnecessary tension. You will be guided through a gentle flow of yoga postures which brings movement and life to the whole of your body, internalizes awareness and awakens the senses. The afternoon explores stillness as a path to letting go and by way of a long, restorative yoga class. Your body will be supported by bolsters, blankets and belts to allow you to go deep within. Each class ends in a long relaxation and seated meditation.

The workshop is open to all and will be taugh in english if required.


10.00-12.30: Gentle vinyasa flow

12.30-13.30: Break, smoothie and snack

13.30-16.30: Restorative class, seated meditaiton, dialouge

Price. 600 DKR