Sensations are the inner compass of yoga posture practice. Everything you learned, everything you know, everything do rests on your ability to feel sensation.Feeling is not the same as knowing, observing or labelling what is happening within you. When yoga posture practice takes us deeper than knowledge and internal discourse we come face to face with the teacher within. This intimate evening workshop gives an introduction to Dynamic Yoga as a sensation-based practice. A series of moon salutations landing in supine and prone postures help you go quiet by feeling deeply what is happening in your body. The class ends in a long relaxation and a short seated meditation.

Open to all interested in yoga and/or meditation.

price: 400 DKR


Metropolis yoga shala is hosting this evening workshop. Before the practice you can have an ocean dip in the free swimming facility next door. Before you go home we serve a cup of tea on the balcony. If you are travelling from outside copenhagen we offer you to stay overnight (accomodation on donation basis, bed linnen and towles for rent if you dont have your own). Mats, blankets and meditation cushions are provided if you are not bringing your own.

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