OPENING IMMERSION FOUR: focusses on using the Seven Universal Actions of Yoga Posture Praxis to develope the power, flexibility and resilience of the spine and its supporting musculature. You will learn how to apply the Dynamics of Integrity to mobilise and strengthen the spine as the core of the body, and the heart of yoga posture praxis. This immersion has a strong emphasis on backbends, and is open to anyone, teachers as well as pratititioners, interested in the bionechanical and energetic integrity of the bodimind. It is especially fruitful for newcomers to yoga posture praxis, and anyone who considers themselves to be an advanced practitioner.

each day begins with a long yoga class guided by Olivia, followed by a presentation of the relevant techniques/postures of the day. After a one-hour lunch break we continue with aftenoon explorations guided by Birgitte. Little experiments on your mat and in groups will help you clarify and work with the techniques of the morning class to make them work for your bodys specific needs and capacities. The afternoon often ends with a short, soft yoga practice and relaxation.



Totally committed to allowing the wisdom of life to guide her through the intelligence of the body Olivia has a manner and teaching style based on the depths and subtleties of her personal practice. Inspiring and supportive, she is able to invite practitioners of all experience to go deeper into their own nature safely and effectively, while bringing new, liberating insights from the mat into daily life. She began formal Yoga teacher training in Sydney, Australia by completing 1000hrs in 2001. Since 2004 she has been studying the Dynamic Yoga Training Method closely with its originator Godfri Devereux, and has completed 10,000 hrs in a Teachers Apprenticeship with him. She is one of only two certified Senior Trainers of the Method.


Is one of the five senior teachers in Dynamic Yoga. Originally trained as a psychologist (Ph.D) she started practicing yoga in 1996 and has taught since 2001. Birgitte is based in Copenhagen, Denmark but frequently teaches workshops and retreats in Scandinavia and around Europe.

Birgitte has studied with Godfrey Devereux through all her years of teaching and has been assisting Dynamic Yoga Teacher trainings since 2006. Her instruction is joyfully clear and comes from a deep commitment to help students access their teacher within. Her classes invite you to subtlety deepen the awareness of your physical body and establish the deepest possible intimacy with life, just as it is.

In her practice and teaching she enquires into the possibility of falling lightheartedly from the pedestal of knowledge into the arms of wisdom.

Price: 3.950 DKR Booking is done first-come-first-serve. 


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