SAHAJATANTRA is a complete approach to life based on sensitive, honest, open intimacy with what actually is.Yoga posture practice is the core training that allows life to be met in its full depth and breadth. At the heart of this possibility is integration of the energy upon which life depends: sexual energy. This workshop will focus on accessing and awakening core sexual energy as a source of nourishment and rejuvenation for body and mind, and as an invitation to the subtle experience of sarvasukham (full body orgasm).

PARTICIPANTS will practice fully clothed alone on their own mats – there may be partner exercises involving light touch, i.e. hand on lower belly. Please bring a light blindfold (scarf or similar), this will be used to invite a deepening into what is to be felt. The workshop is open to anyone – single or couple – but basic knowledge of yoga practice is an advantage

PLACE: Living Heart Temple, Læssøesgade 14, 2200 Nørrebro, Copenhagen

Time: Thursday, November 10th 17.00- 20.00

Price: DKK 400/54 EURO

Registration: Send email to

Payment: To account 5473 1517064. Please put Tantrayoga + your name as referenc.

OLIVIA is a natural Tantrika whose understanding has been refined by many years of yoga and tantra practice. Her gentle and profound instruction transmits the subtle aspects of yoga with an incisive clarity which can go deeply into her students.  She began formal Yoga teacher training in Sydney, Australia by completing 1000hrs in 2001. Since 2004 she has been studying the Dynamic Yoga Training Method closely with its originator Godfri Devereux, and has completed 5000 hrs in a Teachers Apprenticeship with him. She is one of only two certified Senior Teachers of the Method.