Most professional musicians practice scales and arpeggios throughout their career. Scales allow the artist to become one with the instrument. In that way, music can express itself freely and passionately without fingers struggling to find the keys. This is not unlike yoga posture practice. Here the instrument is your body. A yoga teacher will take the time to expose you to the scales of embodiment in every class. Allowing you to become one with changing sensations as it moves. In that way, the symphony of life as practice can express itself freely, deeply and passionately through you. A big part of a yoga teacher´s job is to play the scales of sensation.  Repetitive, simple, sensitive movement is an oportunity to become intimate with your body, to get to know your instrument so you can play it with ease and passion. We play the scales in the beginning, in the middle and in the end of our yoga-journey. We practice the basics every step of the way.

Of course, you can learn to play a complex melody on the piano without practicing scales and arpeggios. You can play music without ever becoming one with the instrument. And it may sound just as great. But the artist in you will probably be drawn to what feels great: The intuitive flow and freedom offered by repetition. When the music flows without strain, delay or doubt it feels delicious. Major key, minor key, both can be played from a sense of oneness with the instrument. Giving yourself completely to the expression of music.

Of course, you can learn to play around with challenging yoga postures without preparing yourself with repetitive movement. You can do a yoga posture without the scales of sensation, without becoming one with what you feel. And it may look amazing. But the yogi in you will most likely be drawn to what feels amazing: Intimacy with embodied being, awareness, presence. When life flows without resistance, it feels delicious. Good times, bad times, all of life can be experienced from a sense of oneness with what is happening. Giving your self completely to the expression of life.