Teaching yoga is a rewarding job in itself. It is also a job that takes a little extra. The originality and freshness of your teaching comes from the depth of your living practice. This retreat helps you find ways to teach from your body rather than from knowledge or belief. It is also an opportunity to get inspiration and peer support to help you thrive in your working life. We are open for trained (and trainee) yoga teachers from all branches of the yoga family tree. The retreat is not a training in any particular approach to yoga. Instead, we will refine the way you translate the feeling intelligence of your own body into verbal instructions, finding your own voice.

You will receive 25 hours of teaching in 3,5 days, deepening your somatic understanding of yoga posture practice.

Boolking by Mobile Pay 28892450 or electronig invoicing. Write an email to info@dynamicyoga.dk  informing briefly about your training and teaching experience. Also name one area in your working life in which you feel the need for support.


2012-05-12 19.06.52gårdspladsenbixi_yoga_2014-59A typical day

Each day begins early with a quiet sitting followed by a long flow-based yoga class addressing the theme of the day. You will learn to activate your body in a way that supports feeling sensation as the compass for your practice (as oposed to learning fixed principles of alignment or traditional “full” postures). Birgitte will take you through a structured sequence of classes based on becoming a little more sensitive to the changes in sensation within you. This way of teaching is an invitation for you to access an intelligent response to what you can feel from the wisdom of your own body. Each day will sensitize specific joints of the body and invite you to listen deeply to what they have to say.

Afternoons will focus on somatic self-enquiry and/or refining your teaching skills. Guided experiments on the mat will help you explore the difference between “action” and “impact” in yoga postures to help you get clearer about how instructions could be more helpful for your students. You will be introduced to two levels of verbal instruction useful to promote safety, clarity and depth in your teaching. You will spend time in groups clarifying muscular actions and their impacts in the body and playing with layers of instruction.

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The evenings focus on dialogue, reflection and mentoring. Birgitte will use the Big Mind process (developed by Genpo Roshi) to facilitate a group dialogue. We will explore themes and dilemmas that comes up for you professionally and find resources to support you where you are. The evenings are structured group dialouges allowing you to tap into the wisdom already within you.

The retreat begins thursday at 15.00 and ends sunday evening after dinner.

Place: A beautiful 250-m2 house in Sweden, surrounded by a private forest. (at the border between Skåne and Blekinge, nearest town in Lönsboda) Accommodation in shared rooms. If you prefer your won private space you are welcome to bring your own tent and camp in the surrounding grass field.

We limit this retreat to 12 participants to ensure the in depth learning for each of you and real exchange of knowledge and skills between peers. The intimate and homely atmosphere is is what makes this retreat unique.

Price: 3.995 DKR. This covers 25 hours of teaching and food/chef. We  know you don’t make much money as a yoga teacher, so on this retreat we keep accommodation FREE. All you pay for is the food and the yoga. Between classes we will take turns helping the cook as needed and we will take care of the house together during the retreat.

Booking: mobile pay 28892450 inform us of your booking at:  info@dynamicyoga.dk

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Birgitte Gorm Hansen

Fil 12-08-15 23.23.26Birgitte has been teaching workshops for yoga teachers for the past many years and have served as external examiner and guest teacher in several teacher trainings. Her 20 years of spiritual practice (14 of them teaching yoga) adds a rare depth and clarity to her work. Her workshops have inspired many students to let go of the need for external authority and allow the wisdom of their own body become the driving force in their practice. She has a nerdy and fun approach to exploring yoga practice and never ceases to learn from her body, her students, her colleagues and her teachers.  Originally trained as a psychologist (PhD) Birgitte has taught well over 5000 hours of yoga. In the past 2 years she has been in training with zen master Genpo Roshi to become a Big Mind Facilitator.