As we grow up, we learn to experience our bodies through distinctions. Pain/pleasure, right/left, up/down, inner/outer, self/other are all distinctions necessary for us to navigate in the world. In the same way that we lose the sound of background noise when we are following a conversation, we can easily lose cover up the inherent unity the lies behind our feeling of separateness and distinction. Yoga posture practice is an invitation to rediscover the unity or totality underlying our experience. Practicing yoga from the perspective of unity is not to unite or “put together” something that was once separate. Rather, we will enquire into the possibility of uncovering the indivisible unity upon which our sense of separateness has been conjured.

Birgitte will teach a series of workshops from the perspective of unity. Every workshop includes a long flow-based yoga class, relaxation and seated meditation. Each workshop starts the journey of integration from different parts of the body to give you a step-by-step progression of experiencing how they are interconnected into an indivisible whole. We will be balancing activity and release in physical postures and we will be working with movement and stillness to clarify the unity of yoga. Every workshops ends with a cup of tea and a dialogue.

You can book each workshop individually or combine as you see fit. A discount is given for those who book all 4 workshops as an urban retreat. Students coming from outside Copenhagen are free to stay overnight in the yoga room. If you are booking both Saturday classes, we will order in a vegetarian lunch for you for appr. 100 DKR

Thursday 17.30-20.30 Hands, arms, shoulders

Friday 17.30-20.30: Feet, legs, pelvis

Saturday 9.00-12.30: The spine

Saturday 14.00-17.00: Unity (to join this class you need to have attended minimum 1 of the previous workshops)

Booking:  Spaces are booked first come first serve by payment over bank transfer, maximum number of students 16.


One workshop 400 DKR

The entire workshop series: 1.200 DKR