Yoga is no longer just the privilege of meditating cave men. Modern yogis live engaged lives full of relationships and responsibility. This sometimes leaves us with an apparent dilemma of balancing our time for practice and “normal life”. Instead of seeing yoga as the art of balancing two separate things, this series og mini-workshops will approach yoga as an invitation to intimacy with what is here. Perhaps yoga practice is not something “other” than our daily activities, but rather an invitation to become one with them. Using your body as a doorway, we explore the underlying unity between apparent separations. Perhaps, your practice really is no other than your life.

Contrary to the traditional yoga retreat, an urban retreat invites you to bring the depth of your yoga practice into the city space, your social comitments and relationships. It takes place in the beautiful Metropolis Yoga Shala at Sluseholmen, an undisturbed city space with plenty of open sky and ocean view, yet only 15 minutes from the center of the city. Each day we will dive deeper into yoga posture flows and meditation allowing you to tune into the subtle delight of being deeply present in the body. Parts of the retreat will take place in practical silence, part of it will take place in lively dialouge.

We offer donation-based accomodation for up to 4 students during the retreat if you are travelling from outside Copenhagen.

The urban retreat is open to all . All classes will be taught by Birgitte

Friday 17.30-20.30: Introduction and gentle evening yoga class.


9.00-12.30: Pranayama session, flowing yoga posture practice, seated meditation

14.00-17.00  Exploration or group inquiry, soft yoga posture practice, relaxation.

Booking:  (spaces are booked first come first serve by payment over bank transfer).


Single class: 400

Single day: 700

Full retreat: 2400 DKR (includes 21  hours of teaching, tea and snacks)

For an extra 150 DKR per day a warm vegetarian lunch will be provided on saturday, sunday and monday.