The dark Scandinavian winter months are natural invitations to dive deeper in the practice of yoga and meditation. This time of year often give us access to deeper resting states, and internal meditative inquiries. When you accept this invitation of winter to nourish your body and allow your mind to take some well-deserved rest, your yoga practice will naturally build the foundation from which to to grow as the light returns.

This urban retreat will support you in nourishing your body at a cellular level with gently flowing or restorative yoga combined with short, guided meditations. You will be guided to let go of any agenda that may have imposed itself on your practice and explore the wisdom of your natural body and mind.

Book as a 9-hour mini-course or just pop by for individual classes. Max 11 people in each class to ensure time for detailed instruction sensitive to the needs of your body. Classes taught in english or danish as required.

The classes are especially suited to those with an interest in the subtle, fluid and meditative aspects of yoga posture practice. When booked together, the three classes form an introduction to the basic principles of Open Flow Yoga.

The retreat takes place in Brigitte’s private yoga studio in Sluseholmen with a beautiful view to the sky and the water. If you want to combine the classes with a walk at the seaside or lunch at a café with a friend, there are plenty of good opportunities in the area. Birgitte will provide tea and a little snack after each class.









NB: as classes are now sold out, we have organised an extra class:December 7th 14.00-17.00 combining gentle yoga flows and seated meditation. Book the extra class here


Friday the 6th 17.30-20.30: Open Flow Restore (sold out)

A quiet restorative practice where we stay close to the floor. We will use slow and gentle movements to release and soften the tissues and supported yoga postures to relax and release unnecessary tension. We will work with the principles of yielding to earth and engaging subtle pre-movements. Toward the end of the class we settle into savasana for a guided yoga nidra and conclude the practice in seated meditation.

Saturday the 7th 9.30-12.30: Open Flow Nourish (sold out)

A soft and continuous movement meditation, focusing on regenerative movements that awaken your nervous systems ability for self-regulation and invite deep rest in body and mind. The class explores both restorative postures and pleasure-based unwinding movements to relax, hydrate and sensitize your body and prepare your mind for rest and meditation. Toward the end of the class, we settle into savasana for a guided yoga nidra and close the practice with a seated meditation.

Sunday the 8th 9.30-12.30:  Open Flow Support (sold out)

A dynamic and meditative flow inviting you to find the connection with gravity and its ability to support your body as you slowly expand your movement repertoire and release unnecessary tension into the sense of being held. The class explores the possibility of extending soft movement into more muscular engagement while staying deeply intimate with the rhythms of breath and awareness. Toward the end of the class, we settle into savasana for a guided yoga nidra and return with seated meditation.

Price: Full weekend 749 DKR. Single class 298 DKR

Booking: Send an email to Birgitte about available tickets (see email at the very bottom of this page). Payment by mobile 15296. Please write your name and the class you are paying for in the comment section when using mobile pay. If you are a yoga teacher and need an invoice issued to a company, please provide name, address and CVR number in your email. Payment by electronic bank transfer can be arranged for those not using Mobile Pay.

Terms and conditions: Booking by non-refundable payment only. You are free to sell your ticket to a friend if you make other plans (just like you would with a ticket to a concert or the theatre).