The mind is the great divider, but in dividing body from mind and mind from consciousness endless suffering results. This workshop will provide you with the practical tools, and a foolproof itinerary for accessing consciousness as the core human intelligence. You will be guided through yoga posture praxis  in to the subtle depths of both body and mind, so that they reveal not only their inherent relationship to each other, but their relationship to consciousness also.

June 21 17.00-20.00   OPENING THE BODY This yoga posture session will show you how to open your body and your mind to the subtle presence of consciousness through a simple, nourishing yoga posture praxis.

June 22 10.00-13.00 INTEGRATING ACTION
This yoga posture session will focus on refining and integrating the Seven Universal Actions so that the inherent singularity of the body as consciousness expresses itself freely and consciously.

June 22. 14.00-17.00  INTEGRATING BODY AND MIND
This yoga posture session will use the Dynamics of Integrity to integrate body and mind as consciousness by way of action and movement.

June 23  10.00-12.00: MEDITATION IN ACTION
This yoga posture session will focus on accessing the meditative mind through sensitive, rhythmic yoga posture practice.

This meditation session will focus on revealing the nature and relationship between body mind and consciousness.


Friday night 400DKR

Saturday-sunday: 1400 DKR

Friday-sunday: 1500 DKR