Friday 8/11, 17.30 – 20.30: Rotations and twists

Releasing tension in the core of the body is one of the ways in which yoga posture practice can bring about deep nourishment. This evening class will explore the possibilities of releasing the core of your body through spinal rotations and twists. The beginning of the class will explore releasing through action in a dynamic flow of xandra namaskar (moon salutation) and a couple of standing rotations. The class ends by letting go into soft, nourishing flow of seated rotations, seated twists, supine and inverted postures. The class invite you to access the deep spinal muscles and help your body to let go of whatever unnecessary tension it may be carrying.

Being Bliss – weekend workshop

Bliss “Ānanda” is a word we often hear in relation to yoga. This does not mean that yoga will draw you into a “blissed out” hypnotic trance state. Ānanda is much more than a brief peak of wild ecstasy or a quick pit stop in final relaxation. Ānanda is a ground state, a baseline for being conscious and alive. Its subtle universal quality is always available whether you are sad or happy, in pain or in love, grieving or celebrating. Its not the light at the end of the yoga-tunnel. Bliss is your birth name.

Saturday morning 10.00 – 13.00: Tuning in
This slow-flowing class invites you to take the plunge into a quiet world of physical sensation. By effortless action and soft movements we flow through a simple vinyasa sequence of standing, inverted and supine postures. You will be invited to feel the subtle sensations of your body, thereby inviting a quiet, soft experience of being conscious bliss (Sat Cit Ānanda).

Saturday afternoon  14.00-17.00 Exploring
After lunch we will have a brief exploration of the techniques used in the morning practice. Little experiments on the mat help you clarify how yoga posture practice can be an invitation to go deeper without pain or struggle. We close the day with a soft yoga class on the back and shoulders.

Sunday morning 10.00 – 13.00 Letting go
This morning class will be taught as a soft, meditative flow. You will be guided slowly through a series of supine, prone and sitting postures ending in two rounds of seated meditation. The sequence invites you to access your innate blissful being state.

Prices: Friday evening 400 SEK,  Saturday and sunday: 1300 SEK , All classes: 1600 SEK.