A workshop with lots of new inspiration for vinyasa-lovers. In a traditional flow-based yoga class, we predominantly work with the relationship between the front and back body, most often by moving through repetitive sun salutations between postures. However, human movement is full of continous spiral flows! Walking, running, turning, reaching, even rolling out of bed, human beings rotate, coil up and twist ourselves organically through life. One of the fundamental  building blocks of human movements, the spiral momentum is present in all human developement, it forms a cornerstone in most organic life forms and can even be traced in inorganic matter such as galaxies, whirlpools and hurricanes. The spiral vinyasa is a yoga posture practice honouring the natural movement patterns of the human body. It supports integrity in yoga your practice as well as in everyday movement. In the workshop we play with spiral transitions between yoga postures and explore new approaces to rotations and twists in yoga. The workshop invites a balanced, natural strength and mobility and explores new embodied orientations in your practice. After all, the human body navigates a much bigger and complex terrains than that of a rectangular yoga mat and yoga posture practice can be very helpful in supporting that. During the workshop we will also discuss the importance of balanced, tensional integrity (tensegrity) through muscular activity in yoga posture practice.

The workshop will be taught in English or Danish as required. Open to all.

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Saturday 10-13.00: Basic moves: Workshop class with exploration and dialogue

Saturday 14-16.30: Softening spiral slow-flow

Sunday 10-13.00: The Spiral Vinyasa: Flow-based yoga class.

Price: 895 DKR.

Booking: Write to info@dynamicyoga.dk and book by bank transfer. If you have a Danish bank account you can Mobile Pay to 28892450. Your booking is valid and binding from the day you make the transfer. We give no refund if you cancel but you are free to sell your space to a friend (like you would with a concert ticket)

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