Yoga invites us to enquire into our deepest nature (svadhyaya). Driven by a need for security we sometimes allow this enquiry to depend on external authorities, principles or schools of yoga.  But underneath the noisy surface of opinions, pre-packaged thinking, and expert-authority lays an inner compass that never fails:  Your body and the ability to feel it.
This weekend workshop invites you leave knowledge behind and take the plunge into a quiet world of sensation. Feeling your way into movements and postures allows you to safely dive deeper into the subtle heart of yoga and enjoy the freedom that it offers. Going deep inside teaches you to act on what you can feel and builds a deep trust in your body’s ability to guide your practice. Awakening sensitivity takes yoga beyond discipline, rule or dogma and brings you face to face with the teacher within you.
Each workshop day is taught in three parts. The morning class consists of a dynamic flow of yoga postures which awakens the whole of your body, takes you down in deep relaxation and lands you in seated meditation. After the lunch break, Birgitte will lead a guided exploration where you get to experiment with different actions in order to make them work for you. The afternoon ends with a soft, internalized posture practice including pranayama and meditation.
9.00-12.00: Dynamic posture practice, relaxation, meditation
12.00-13.30: Lunch break
13.30-15.00: Guided exploration
15.00-17.00: Soft posture practice, pranayama, meditation