Open classes:

Friday 13/12 at 17.00-20.00:  Yoga posture praxis for alert relaxation

Saturday 14/12 at 8.00-11.00: Yoga posture praxis as meditation

Sunday 15/12 at 8.00-11.00 : Yoga posture praxis as pranayama

Monday 16/12 17.00-20.00 Seated paranayama

no experience with yoga is required to participate in the open classes

Full course for Yoga teachers:

Any trained or trainee yoga teacher can register for the full course with Godfrey as advanced teacher training days. This includes all open classes plus two extra sessions focusing on teaching and instruction:

Saturday 12.30-16.30:  Ujjayi breathing and active pranayama

Sunday 12.30-16.30 :  Teaching Ujjayi in yoga posture praxis

As the afternoons will be going into the methodology of teaching that lies behind the morning sesions, You need to register for the full course to join the afternoons.

1 open class: 450 DKR.
Four open classes 1600 DKR

Full course (trained or trainee yoga teachers only) 1900,-


Godfri Devereux

Godfrey Devereux has been teaching and practicing yoga for over 40 years and his contribution to the art and science of yoga is unique and remarkable. His discoveries and developments are numerous, ongoing and allow yoga to be experienced without reference to esotericism or unverifiable concepts. Unintimidated by the ideologies and hierarchies of tradition he has been able to cast clear light not only on the subtleties of yoga practice, but also on the nature of the body-mind relationship and the significance of human consciousness.

Godfrey’s pioneering journey into the roots of human experience is grounded in a lifetime of yoga practice on mat and cushion that began when he was 16 years old. Fertilised by professional training in Child Development and Education, Oriental Medicine, and dedicated study with masters of Zen, Advaita and Tantra as well as Indian Yoga Gurus, Godfrey’s practice has brought him to a deep, lucid intimacy with the subtleties of being human within which its apparent paradoxes are all heart-warmingly resolved.

At the heart of his teaching is a presentation of yoga as unity, rather than union, intelligence not knowledge.

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