Yoga games er Skandinaviens største yogafestival som i 2020 gæster Købehavn. Birgitte underviser tre events på Yoga games: Et foredrag, en yogaklasse og en


10:30 : The sensory turn (Lecture)

In this talk, Birgitte will introduce “The Sensory Turn” in modern yoga: A recent and growing tendency for yoga posture practice to zoom in on sensory and embodied awareness. All over the world, yoga communities are turning towards an exploration of how yoga feels and becoming es preoccupied with how it looks.

But is this exploration of inner body sensations a new tendency in yoga, or are we seeing a resurrection of something ancient? What recent historical changes led up to this (re)turn to yoga as a sensory practice? Why are words like “interoception”, “proprioception” and “embodiment” popping up in modern yoga literature and trainings at this particular point in history? And who were the pioneers in this movement that seems to be coming together to form a whole new wave within modern postural yoga. 


09:45 : Ullola: Flowing with the breath (Spisehuset)

A gentle, continuous flow inviting you to feel and release into the natural rhythm of your breathing. Ullola is Sanskrit for ‘wave’ and describes a technique where we move between two or more easy yoga postures, following the flow of your own breath. Birgitte will guide you through intervals of flowing movement and restful stillness, inviting you to feel breath sensations and uncover their intimate connection to rhythms in your awareness. For all lovers of flow-based yoga who want to dive deeper into the unity of yoga posture practice and meditation.14:00 : Sensory movement meditation (Hallway)

14:00 Open Flow Yoga: Sensory movement meditation (Hallway)

Dive into a fluid and non-linear yoga practice and explore moving from deeply felt sensation. Rather than fitting your body to postures defined by a teacher, this class will invite your living, feeing, sensitive body to lead your practice from within. Birgitte will lead a flowing movement meditation where yoga posture practice arises from following the delight of being deeply present in the body. You will learn basic techniques for using fluctuating movements in your own practice and release unnecessary tension in the body. A and gentle invitation to listen, feel and respond to the wisdom within.