In 2011-12 we welcome Godfrey Devereux to Copenhagen for the 200-hour Dynamic Yoga Teacher Training. This is an invaluable opportunity to study with one of Europe’s most experienced and recognized teachers through a thoroughly tested teaching format. Godfrey has trained hundreds of teachers all over Europe and will be conducting the 200-hour training through five 32-hour modules spread over a period of fifteen months. Modules 1-3 can be booked individually and are open to any practitioner of yoga. Module 4&5 are open to all trained and trainee yoga teachers as well as participants who completed module 1-3. Dynamic Yoga teacher Training is approved by the Independent Yoga Network. Satisfactory completion of modules 1-5 allows you to register with The Yoga Register as a professionally qualified yoga teacher.

MODULE 1: METHOD, (MARCH 17-20TH 2011)
-the basic principles for practicing yoga with integrity.

MODULE 2: DYNAMIC (MAY 14-17TH 2011)
– The spiral dynamic and activating the bandhas.

-Discovering wholeness: The integrating power of the bandhas.

-Theory of teaching yoga dynamically

-Learning how to teach Dynamic Yoga

Morning session (5 hours) Godfrey teaches a guided practice which will include pranayama, asana and meditation. After the class Godfrey will go through the theory behind the practice and present the techniques and postures one by one.
Afternoon session (3 hours) Olivia will guide an exploration of the postures and techniques that was presented in the morning session. This will allow techniques and principles of alignment to be integrated in organically in your body and your practice (rather than requiring you to learn and remember them as abstract knowledge). After the exploration, Godfrey/Olivia will teach a short guided yoga class which introduces the theme for the following day.

Single immersion module – 525 EUR (ca 3.900 DKR)
Module 1-3 – 1500 EUR (ca 11.000 DKR).
Module 1-5 – 2500 EUR (ca. 18.600 DKR)

Payment: A non-refundable deposit of 200 EUR per module will allow you to book a space in advance. The remaining amount is due a week before each module. If you want to book all 5 modules the non-refundable deposit is 750 EUR (Note that the collected price for all 5 modules is appr. 10.000 DKR less than any other teacher training program offered in Copenhagen)


We will book the immersions on a first-come-first-serve basis. For questions and booking, contact l Eva Borrit and Birgitte Gorm Hansen at Questions about the content of the teacher training, the teaching format and registration with The Yoga Register can be addressed to Birgitte Gorm Hansen by mobile +45 26 16 93 09 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +45 26 16 93 09 end_of_the_skype_highlighting.


GODFRI DEVEREUX has been practicing yoga since 1973, teaching since 1977. He is one of the most significant and influential yoga teachers in Europe, having trained hundreds of international yoga teachers, and published four popular yoga books, including “Dynamic Yoga”. Godfrey is registered as Yoga Elder with the Yoga Register. For more info on Dynamic Yoga see
For more info on Dynamic Yoga Teacher Training see

OLIVIA CROOKS started teaching in Australia 9 years ago and has taught workshops, retreats and yoga teacher training all over Europe. Her gentle and profound instruction transmits the subtle aspects of yoga with an impressive clarity which tends to go directly under the skin of her students. Olivia has two different teacher trainings: One in vinyasa yoga from Australia and one in Dynamic Yoga from Windfire School of Yoga in France. She is registered as YRT 1000 with the Yoga Register.