A three-part workshop open to all. Our common sense understanding of the words “yoga” and “meditation” suggest that they are two separate things: One of the body and one of the mind. But as we go deeper into the practice either one, we find a deeper unity at their core.

Saturday 10.00-13.00: Asana as Meditation
A dynamic yoga class exploring sensitive movement as  meditation in action.

Saturday 14.30-17.30: Meditation as Asana
Alternations between seated meditation periods and supine yoga posture flows releasing tension.

Sunday 10.00-13.00: Breathing into stilness
A dynamic, sensitive yoga posture flow releasing the free rythm of the breath (svaramukta). The class makes a seamless transiton to a seated meditation practice towards the end.


Single class: 399 DKR

Full weekend course: 999 DKR

Booking: info@dynamicyoga.dk or mobile pay 28892450