Learn the basics of seated meditation. You can use the course as a support for beginning, rebooting or deepening a home meditation practice, or you can simply enjoy the classes as a weekly evening relaxation treat. Birgitte will invite you to embrace meditation as a practice of embodied self-inquiry, rather than a project of self-improvement. You will learn a performance-free approach to meditation that invites you to fully embrace the state you are in and using that state in your practice. You will be supported by a dedicated teacher in:

-Finding a comfortable meditation posture that works for you.

-Learning basic techniques that invite your mind to relax as a preparation for meditation.

-Clarify questions that come up in your practice as it deepens.

-Learn about the meditative state as a natural baseline for the mind rather than a cultivated skill you can acquire.

The classes will alternate between guided meditation practices and gentle mindful movement that release unnecessary tension before the next round of sitting. Each class makes room for clarification and dialogue underway, so you can adjust and deepen your practice week after week.

Dates: Tuesdays 19:35-21:30 September 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th

Price: 750 DKK (all 4 evenings) 

Location: Hamsa Yoga Studio, Klerkegade 19, 1. Floor DK – 1308 Copenhagen K  
Booking: click here