A series of gentle morning classes awakening sensitivity through wave-like movements (ullola) following the natural rhythms of your breath. Birgitte will teach 4 progressive classes that invites you to feel more deeply and clearly what is happening in your body as you move, and how to respond to what you sense. Open to all but especially welcoming lovers of flow-based yoga (vinyasa, asthanga, hatha flow etc.) wanting to find more softness, fluidity, ease and stability in their practice. If you are a beginner you will receive a solid foundation for any kind of yoga practice, using simple and accessible postures. If you are a yoga teacher, this course will show an example of how to verbally invite students into listening more deeply to their own body when practicing classical yoga postures.

Classes are 90 minutes long and primarily taught within the framework of the Dynamic Yoga Training Method. Birgitte may add a bit of Open Flow Yoga to unwind and release tension at the beginning or end of the class. Instructions will be given in English or Danish as required.

The course takes place in Brigitte’s fully equipped yoga room at Sluseholmen, Copenhagen. Doors open 10 minutes prior to the class begins.






Time: 4 Friday mornings 8.00-9.30

Dates: January 17th, 24th, 31th and February 7th

Price: 480 DKR

Booking: Send an email to Birgitte (email at the bottom of this page) and pay to Mobile pay 15296 in order to book your space. If you need the invoice issued to a company, please provide CVR number and address in your email.

Terms: Booking only by non-refundable payment, just like a ticket to a concert or a movie. You are free to sell your space to a friend if you make other plans. It is not possible to book single classes.