“Monkey mind” is the part of you that fills your head with chatter and throws peanuts in your face when you are trying to “do yoga” or sit in meditation. Monkey mind is playing up when we find ourself lying awake in bed, when we put the toothpaste in the refrigerator or when we spend an entire yoga class thinking about…whatever! This workshop will help you make friends with your monkey mind, getting the benefit of its power, strength and speed rather than trying to tie it down. We begin with a facilitated dialogue with the part of our mind that is wild and unruly and sometimes disturbs us in our daily life. From there we slide on to the yoga mat for a softly flowing posture practice, relaxation and seated meditation.

The workshop is open to anyone, especially if you sometimes feel disturbed by your thinking mind. It will be taught in english or danish as required.

Time: 9.30-13.00

Price: 399 kr

Booking: Mobile Pay 28892450 write to info@dynamicyoga.dk to confirm your booking or to pay via bank transfer.



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