In 2021 Birgitte will teach three classes at the Oslo Yoga festival.

Workshop: Sensory Flow Yoga 

The Sensory Flow is a deeply nourishing, meditative and gentle vinyasa class, supporting you act on what you can feel. In a continuous, circular flow of relatively easy yoga postures, Birgitte will guide you to explore the subtle nature of physical sensations arising and dissolving as you move, breathe and relax. By inviting you to practice with no need for self-improvement, we open the door to yoga posture practice as an ever deepening, somatic self-enquiry. The perfect class if you love flow-based yoga and want to deepen the subtle aspects of your practice while recharging your batteries for the rest of the weekend. 

Workshop: Open Flow Yoga: 

Tune into your own felt sense of the body and allow your movements to arise from within. In this class we will explore a non-linear and open flow where yoga postures arise and dissolve as a spontaneous process. We will enquire into yoga as a practice that is given to you from the wisdom of your very own body as an alternative to taking yourself into shapes or states. Birgitte will guide you through a fluctuating movement meditation inviting you to explore a deep listening to your body´s capacity and need. The Open Flow will stay close to the earth and land softy in a guided relaxation. The perfect beginning to a full weekend of amazing yoga.   

Talk: The sensory turn 

In the past decade, yoga communities around the world are turning towards an exploration of yoga an inner, sensory practice. In short, we are getting a lot more interested in how yoga feels and perhaps a little less interested in how it looks. While the sensory enquiry of yoga finds its roots deep in the yoga tradition, its current resurrection seems to also gain momentum from recent changes in western societies and new anatomical knowledge. Birgitte will outline the changes that point towards a sensory (re)turn as the next big wave in modern yoga and give you the helicopter view on the history and highlights of this trend.